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Your late loved one's clothes crafted into art.

“Grief never ends. But it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love.” - author unknown


What We Offer

What Is a Mourning Keepsake?

It is a keepsake crafted from the clothes of your late loved one.

Such a keepsake celebrates the life of the person who passed away. Their clothes become colors, textures, small details in which life once lived softly lingers as a memory. Clothes of the late person join your life in a different form. It is a way of respectfully re-purposing the clothes and gently returning them to you.

A mourning keepsake silently acknowledges your grief journey. It recognizes the resilience of human spirit that brings bereaved from the darkness of sorrow back into the light. It is also a milestone - it marks the moment when it became possible to look at the clothes, think what to do with them, imagine the future.

Most importantly, a mourning keepsake helps you heal by bringing meaning and action. Taking care of the clothes in a meaningful way addresses the universal human need to act, find a solution and move on.


Fabric Paintings

Different every time, inspired by the clothes of your loved one and, if you wish to share - their life story, your favorite memory of them. This is a gentle way to preserve the emotionally valuable clothing items by transforming them into a unique wall hanging art.

8x12" | 20x30 cm | price €200

Price includes 12x16" | 30x40 cm minimalist white frame &  passepartout.

Larger size fabric paintings available upon request.



Placed in a living room cushions invite visitors of your home to remember your loved one. Put in a bedroom they become a more private keepsake. In a child's room it could be a guardian of the memory of a special bond that once was there. This is a gentle way to preserve the emotionally valuable clothing items by transforming them into an interior decor item that can be touched, picked up, cuddled with.

64 squares | 16x16" | 40x40 cm | price €100

100 squares | 19x19" | 50x50 cm | price €160

Price includes a cushion insert.



These keepsakes resemble maps of life where clothes are neatly arranged with all their tiny details that once were a part of who someone was. At the same time, it is a comforting blanket and you can wrap yourself in it.

small | 35x55" | 90x140 cm | price from €400

medium | 45x59" | 115x150 cm | price from €500

large | 55x 79" | 140x200 cm | price from €800 

bed runner | 36x98" | 90x250 cm | price from €800


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss other options.

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All-in Service

We will clear out the entire content of the wardrobe at your location and return it transformed into the keepsakes of your choice. 

Service available upon request.

Clothes Donation