Image by Maria Krasnova

Who We Are

Fascinated by fabrics, patterns & memories, inspired by nature & art, driven by creativity, I was using a sewing machine by the age of four. My grandfather was a professional tailor and his workshop was my playground, the antique Singer sewing machine - my favorite toy. My name is Laura, I am the creator of the Mourning Keepsakes.

In 2000's I worked on countless prototypes, collections, and productions for fashion designers & fashion academy students in Antwerp, Belgium. People said I had golden hands and asked for my help.

I started crafting custom keepsakes made from my clients’ emotionally valuable clothing in 2014. Fast forward to today, I have crafted over 200 memory quilts, memory cushions and fabric paintings and have wonderful clients all over the world. 

My atelier has two websites: celebrates the birth of children. grieves the loss of loved ones.

I create each item with my full attention to the person & their story. I focus on and enjoy the excellence of the craft. "Your finished product is exquisite" a client remarked once and it became my mantra, my promise and my mission.