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“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.” - author unknown


"My fabric paintings make me smile every time I see them. I had held onto my sister's clothes for years after she passed, hoping to wear them but often feeling too many emotions to actually do it. Working with Laura was great, she was prompt in communicating and sensitive to the grief associated with losing my sister. She asked questions about our relationship and incorporated memories into the art including subtle details others may not notice but that have meaning to me. I have already recommended her paintings to several friends who have also lost loved ones."


AZ, United States

"My father passed away 3 years ago and I’ve been sitting with a box of his beautiful and treasured Hawaiian shirts since then. My goal was to personally make a quilt but I found I did not have adequate time nor skill and I couldn’t find a pattern that suited either of us. I found MOURNING KEEPSAKES and immediately fell in love with the idea of creating a fabric painting. This was much more his style and something that wouldn’t get worn over time. Laura was quick to respond to all of my questions and very detailed in her information and in her own questioning. She asked about my dad’s character, personality & life and I shared with her what the Hawaiian shirts meant to him and all of us and also shared personal stories about this funny, charming man. She incorporated those details in to the 2 paintings and I was floored. I thought we’d get a couple of beautiful art pieces. I did not expect the art pieces to have both subtle and detailed reflections of the stories and information I gave Laura about my dad. When I showed my husband and exclaimed over her thoughtfulness, he said, “yep, she’s an artist”. Truly, Laura is an artist with tremendous skills both at her craft and also in listening. Thank you for these precious memories."


WA, United States

"Laura made the most incredible, high quality quilts for three small children who recently lost their father. In this extremely hard time, Laura made us feel comfortable, respected our grief, and even became part of our healing process. We knew their Dad's shirts were in good hands and being turned into something beautiful that the children would have forever. I could tell Laura put her emotions and energy into the quilts and wanted to make sure the kids could feel their Dad wrapped in them. She was very communicative, respectful and let us know what to expect. It can be a long process, but you are always in the know, and it makes the delivery even more special. Thank you so much Laura for such a wonderful gift."


CA, United States

"I was so pleased to find Laura and MOURNING KEEPSAKES when my husband passed away.  I wanted something that I and our two young sons could treasure forever, something personal to him that we could touch and feel closer to him whenever we wanted to.  I had stored his clothes not wanting to get rid of them as they seemed to be one of the last tangible things left of him, then a friend suggested a memory quilt made from his clothes and I'm so happy I chose Laura.  She was tremendously understanding and kind as we walked through the process of designing the quilts together, which pieces of particular clothing and what layout and size.  I now have 3 perfect quilts, each slightly different but cohesively together a perfect reminder of Steve. Each little square is not just a reminder of a piece of clothing but a spark of a memory, where we were when he wore that, what we were doing and all the happy memories that brings flooding back.

At the time I knew this was the last chance to make other things for other members of the family so I commissioned a cushion and keychain for his mother and some wonderful pictures for myself and his cousins.  Again, I could not be happier with the process and quality of the finished products.

I'll be honest, the journey is tough as you go through and choose which items to use. Do not underestimate the feelings of grief it brings back and perhaps, like for me, an unexpected heart wrenching feeling at leaving the clothes behind. Take your time and make sure you are ready.  It was all so worth it for the beautiful results in the end.  I wholeheartedly recommend Laura to turn your treasured loved ones clothes into amazing forever keepsakes."


The Netherlands

"I originally contacted Laura about making a memory quilt honoring our daughter. This was a difficult process for me, so we completed my son's first. Laura was so patient and kind. She worked with me to pick the best layout, clothing pieces and colors for this blanket. A full size quilt with cheery, bright colors were chosen to remember our little baby girl in a positive and amazing way.  I am so glad I found Laura to help make a beautiful work of art to remember and honor our baby girl for years to come. Laura was great to work with and I highly recommend her to those looking. Laura even gifted us the cutest clothing artwork from our daughter's clothes!"


IL, United States